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Ice Cream Shop


Ice_Cream_Shop…Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Many people ask us how we got our name.  Gayety literally means “Happiness!”  It’s an old name dating back to “The Good ole Days” when it was snuggled next to The Gayety Movie Theater in South Chicago – Circa 1920.
It was very common in the 1920’s, to find a movie theater paired with an ice cream parlor.  What a great night out!  Take your date or your family out for a movie, then dessert at Gayety’s.  In those days, most homes did not have air conditioning.  So, The Gayety was a cool place to hang out in the hot city. 
My husband Jim represents the third generation of this family owned and operated piece of heaven on earth.  He and I really wanted The Gayety to be part of a community, like it was ‘back in the day.’  So we moved the store to its present location on Ridge Road.  Our chocolate melter, copper kettles and dipping table are all from the original South Chicago location.  (Yes, they are very old.)  Comfortable booths, traditional ice cream tables, and walls washed in cheery ice cream colors set the mood for what we hope is a memorable experience. 
We’re known for our large sundaes, but also offer small and mini versions of every sundae on our menu at a reduced price.  We specialize in hand-dipped chocolates, homemade ice cream, fruit salad sundaes, homemade ice cream pies, homemade hot fudge & caramel toppings, and of course memory making.  
Many of our current customers remember coming to Gayety’s with their grandparents.  They’re still coming -- with their grandchildren!  No matter how you feel when you come in, we do our best to make sure you’re smiling when you leave.
We look forward to your visit -- we’ll do our best to make sure you feel at home!
--Jim & Beth Flessor  
P.S.  Plenty of Parking in the back