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Customer Stories


Sam_and_AprilWith Love, Sam and April Goff

April and I met in Sept of 2005 in Sunday School class; and we ended our very first date at Gayety's.  April and I dated for 7 years and ended dozens of dates with Gayety’s chocolate malts, hot fudge sundaes and extra homemade whipped cream (the real stuff).
When the time came to pop the big question it was only fitting to do it at "our place"...Gayety's!  After we indulged on the ice cream, I got down on one knee in the middle of the first Lansing store in front of your whole staff and she said 'Yes!'  It was only fitting that we went to Gayety's in our wedding attire on our wedding day.  (We also had Gayety's chocolates at the wedding reception!)
You are a part of our lives.  Our date nights often end up at your door.  My children (… all 5 of them) like the strawberry ice cream and anything dipped in your chocolate.  We are your biggest fans.  You have been at the very center of our dating life, our wedding, and our continual dating.  We hope to have our 10th, 25th and maybe even our 50th anniversary ending up at "our place" GAYETY'S!
I would recommend a Gayety's chocolate filled reception at any wedding.  Better than that, to any man trying to win his girl over, married or not, take her to Gayety's.  Treat her like a queen and get her the ice cream treat of her dreams.

Carrie Steinweg

Gayety's has the charm of a small-family owned business. Products are a real treat - a taste of luxury. The homemade ice cream and whipped cream is addictive and you haven't lived until you've had a Muddle!

David Dekker

The best Chocolates and Ice Cream in the world and to thinks it's right in our own back yard. Friendly people, nice atmosphere appreciate the personal touch when so many other businesses are getting away from that. I will be back again and again.

Elisabeth Alderden

These candies and ice cream are not only some of my most favorites, but my whole family loves them. The store is always clean, the atmosphere and service is friendly. The owners are generous, they support serious values. From various donations made to tuition reimbursement programs for the area Christian schools are only a couple of the important ones to me and my family. We always have great experiences with all aspects when dealing with Gayety's!

John and Kristy Crider

Gayety's chocolate ice cream bars are the best! The ice cream melts in your mouth and tastes so good! Love the chocolates too! We enjoy the friendliness and warm environment that Gayety's provides for their customers. Very clean. I wish they had one also in Northwest Indiana. Thanks Flessors!

Andrew Buttimer

Gayety's is an easy place to recommend! Great people, the best products and a fair price. This old fashioned chocolate and ice cream store is definitely worth a visit!

My company has been doing business with the Flessor family for decades and we look forward to many more to come. Our clients are always appreciative of our gifts from Gayety's and give their chocolates rave reviews. My family looks forward to visiting their beautiful store for ice cream sundaes!  Keep up the excellent work!

George & Mary Drakulich


971213_Picture_of_George_and_MaryLong-time customers, George (Jokie) and Mary (Maci) Drakulich celebrated 70 years of marriage this June! George's Story:

"Back in the day" George (now 94 yrs) remembers taking the streetcar for 3 cents to the White Castle across from the old Gayety on Commercial Avenue. He'd get a burger for 5 cents, cross the street to The Gayety and get his chocolate malt (he still orders them :-)) -- then go next door to the Gayety Theater to watch 3 feature movies! Mary (now 90) is still loyal to her Hot Fudge Sundae - only now she orders the 'mini'. When their kids come in from out of town -- a trip to Gayety's is a must. 

Thank you for coming George & Mary! You are awesome!