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Chocolate Guide

Fun Stuff About Our Chocolate…Choc_Strawberry

All chocolate has varying amounts of cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, milk and sometimes even cocoa liquor and vanilla to give it its signature flavor.

Kinds of Chocolate:

Milk: Has a lighter color (due to the milk), generally sweeter than Dark.

Dark: Has little or no milk.  Darker Chocolate has a richer dark brown color and higher cocoa content than Milk.  1Contains epicatechin and gallic acid, which are thought to possess cardio-protective properties (i.e. It’s good for your heart!)

White:  Does not come from the cocoa bean – So, guess what? It’s not really chocolate!  Though it sure does taste good, doesn’t it?

Sugar Free:  Taste varies.  Ours is very good.  However, easy does it!  Sugar Free chocolate can have a laxative effect when eaten in large quantities.

How To Store Chocolate:

Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature.  Store in a cool, dry place away from heat/light/humidity sources (air vents, windows, etc.).  Room temperature is fine.  If chocolate is exposed to temperature fluctuations, the chocolate loses its tempering and crystals form, creating a "cloudy" appearance known as "bloom."  It is still tasty, just not as pretty.

Gayety’s Assortments:

Signature:  Muddles® Pecan Caramels, Almond Clusters and Butter Toffee

Muddles Only:  Muddles® Pecan Caramels

Deluxe:  A little bit of everything!  Creams, Fruits, Nuts and Miscellaneous

Custom:  Build your own Assortment!


Creams: Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Raspberry, Maple, Mint, Coconut, Mint Meltaways, Rum Meltaways and Chocolate-dipped Caramels

Fruits & Nuts: Apricots, Orange Peels, Cranberry Clusters, Cherry Cordials, Pineapple Pieces, Dates, Prunes, Coconut Balls, Almond Clusters, Peanut Clusters, Walnut Clusters and Cashew Clusters

Etcetera J:  Pan Caramels, Muddles(R) Pecan Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels, Non-pareils, Almond Bark, Toffee Bark, Peppermint Bark (in Season), Fudge, Chocolate Lollies, French Chocolate and chocolate Dipped Wine Bottles!

Sugar Free:  Muddles(R) Pecan Caramels, Butter Toffee, Chocolate Caramels, Pan Caramels, Mint Meltaways, Rum Meltaways, Almond Clusters, Peanut Clusters, Cashew Clusters and French Chocolate